Deck Guard Restoration Package

     Deck Guard preferred solid color system, this advanced 100% acrylic synthetic polymer formula provides weather-proofing and expands the maximum lifespan of your deck by up to 10 years. Deck Guard advanced 100% acrylic formula is infused with synthetic polymers allowing the product to expand and contract with the wood during season change. Available in hundreds of custom colors, this product will hide imperfections while allowing the wood texture to show through. The Deck Guard System is non-oil based to eliminate the harmful emission of Volatile Organic Compounds VOC. Deck Guards advanced 100% acrylic formula is better for exteriors in that it offers: Better stain protection (wash-ability), water resistance, better adhesion, better UV blocking, and superior resistance to cracking and blistering. Mildew does not feed on acrylic compounds as a food source, making the Deck Guard system the best choice for mildew-prone areas. This product is also great for composite decks. Call today to learn more about Deck Guard Packages Catalog. 


Deck Guard Re-Planking Package

       The best way to make your deck floor look as rich and beautiful as possible is to refinish it using Deck Guard restoration process. If the decking boards are unsalvageable they will need to replaced. Exposed decks take a beating from Mother Nature, and general wear and tear from moving outdoor furniture around, kids playing and occasionally the family pet. Whether your deck has constant sun beating down on its surface or you live in an area that typically gets a lot of rain or has harsh winters, your wood deck boards may wear faster than expected and become unsightly or even dangerous to walk on. Provided your deck structure (framework underneath decking boards) is solid and up to code, consider Refacing/Re-Planking the surface (deck boards).