“Our customers appreciate the time and attention we put into the Deck Guard restoration and application process starting with our initial appointment. We’ll touch on the basics like deck washing, preparation and any existing damaged wood issues that need attention or correction. After that, a project manager will take exact dimensions and conduct a visual inspection, taking digital photos of the property in its current state. A final review of the quote and details help ensure that we are on the same page with acceptable terms, pricing and scope of work.


Bellow you can read about the Deck Guard process in greater detail.

Review the Our Process tab at www.MyDeckGuard.com to start your education about transforming your wood deck into a fine composite deck. This is a good primer to begin to introduce you to the various designs we have available.

Call, E-mail or Book an Estimate on-line to set a date and time for the company project manager to personally meet you in your home to look over your deck area first hand. We will discuss your design objectives, deck enhancement services, and existing damaged wood issues that need attention or correction.

The project manager will take pictures and measurements of your space; as well as notes about your ideas. You will then be given an opportunity to browse our large selection composite designs. After you find a few designs that interest you, we will answer any questions you may have about those designs.

We have full size sample of the material so you can touch and feel the actual product. If you like what you see, we can prepare a contact outlining all of the specifications, which you can sign.

If the proposed design or project cost does not fit your needs, we can make some cost saving revisions. Keep in mind that removing suggested options will affect the final look of the project.

Upon signing the contract, we ask you for a 30% deposit as well as an additional payment for work completed on the day of signing. We will put you on the Deck Guard installation schedule, and we will send you a confirmation letter.

The project manager whom you met and signed the contract with is responsible for the entire life cycle of the project. Our project manager will handle the day to day communication about your project, and he will personally oversee the installation.

In most cases Low Pressure Deck Cleaning will occur on the day of contract signing. Remember that the Deck Guard team must have access to electricity and outside water supply. We then allow the deck to dry up to 48 hours depending on weather conditions.

After Low Pressure Washing the Deck Guard team of craftsmen will re-secure the entire deck, re-nail loose nails, and replace missing nails with screws. The team, generally consisting of two men will replace warped and rotting deck boards.

The Deck Guard team will tape off and cover the entire back of your home with painter’s plastic to prevent any over spray on to your siding, plants and flowers.

At this point, Deck Guard’s Fine Composite Coating is applied to your wood deck. The composite coating will harden and transform your wood deck into a fine composite deck. The deck is now free from splinters, nail-pops and there is no longer a need for yearly maintenance. The deck is now ready for your review.

Upon completion, we will check with you to insure your complete satisfaction. If you are not happy, then we aren’t finished!